Kendall Grey

iPad, Anyone?

I, along with thirteen other urban fantasy/mythology authors, give you an iPad giveaway. Click the graphic to enter, and be sure to check out these books. Great stuff! If you’re not interested in entering the giveaway, you can find the books on Amazon*: Claimed by Gods by Eva Chase Daughter of Time by Tamar Sloan …

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Help the Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation is suffering under the grip of COVID-19. Below I’ve copied and pasted this post author Sami Valentine made on Facebook. Please consider donating to this important cause if you’re able. Every little bit helps! Help the Navajo Nation! Fandoms have always given back to the world from the Buffy fans raising money for …

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Loki: Quarantine, Day 3

“Loki ate all the peanut butter,” Freddie seethes. He throws the empty container in the sink and slathers me with stink-eye. His tiara tilts left. “I hate you.” I swallow hard, but the thick paste formerly known as peanuts coats my throat, making me cough. “Cover your damn mouth,” Darryl Donovan snarls. “There’s a deadly …

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