14 thoughts on “GHOSTS: Act I, Episode 1”

  1. I’m not even a big fan of military fiction, but you have my interest peaked! Will definitely be back for the next installment!

  2. Way to get my attention! Love this line….”Someone who gives her middle finger to fear.”

  3. You always jump into the story head first, with guns blazing (literally in this story), and you never disappoint! Your talent runneth over!

  4. Holy Hell!! What did I just read… I can not believe you struck that much emotion up in me in 500 words. I kind of feel like I am on a new adventure. LEAD ON!!!

  5. Hey now! You surprised me! With the title of Ghost I was thinking along a completely different storyline! This is great so far! Looking foward to the next words!! Thank you for letting us read for free!! Xo

    1. Heather, the use of “a” vs. “an” in this instance (and several others in the serial) was a conscious choice. Sarah is a poor, uneducated girl living in the south. I’ve heard many people in real life here in Georgia use “a” instead of “an” before a word that starts with a vowel sound. I felt like Sarah’s grammar skills would be similarly lacking, so I chose to write her that way. Thanks for the good eyes, though!

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