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The Kendallverse

Where Sheroes Rule

Asgard Awakening Series

When the Norse trickster god Loki wakes up in the body of a modern human woman, he thinks it’s a joke. When he realizes he’s missing the runes that give him power and immortality, he knows the Norns ain’t playing. Come along with Loki, a busted-ass chicken, a gangsta hummingbird, and a gaggle of gods on a hilarious quest for his lost immortality.

Hard Rock Harlots

Join Letty Dillinger and friends on a rock ’n’ roll journey into sexual oblivion. Hard Rock Harlots erotic romance series has it all: sex, humor, sex, angst, sex, music, sex, witty banter, and more sex. Hazmat suits, rubber gloves, and lots of lube are strongly encouraged. Contents are sizzling. Read with extreme caution.

'Ohana Series

How far would you go for family? Drug kingpin Keahilani Alana is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her Hawaiian family, including lying, cheating, and even killing if she has to. Though she fights to stay in the light, the darkness living inside her and her brothers is pushing them to the edge of madness. And it’s growing stronger every day.

Just Breathe Series

Save the whales, save the world. Whale biologist Zoe Morgan and Australian rock star Gavin Cassidy are an unlikely pair in reality, but when they team up in her dreams to fight Fyre Elementals threatening thousands of innocents, they get the job done. Follow Zoe and Gavin on their quest to bring balance back to the world.

Stand Alone Books