BANG Excerpt #3

Anyone getting excited to read BANG? Only TWO MORE DAYS TO GO! Here’s another teaser from the book, specially formulated for Toombs lovers. 😉 Hope you enjoy!

I stand and push my chair under the table.

He gets up gingerly and straightens his T-shirt. He looks like he wants to say something, but he keeps quiet.

“Jinx really hammered you, didn’t she?” I arch a brow.

He grunts as he pushes open the door and holds it for me.

“What’s that like, having a girl hit you? Jinx doesn’t strike me as the type.”

“She’s not.”

“How does that work out, then?”

“It d—” He stops himself. “It’s complicated.”

“No shit.”

We hop in the car, and I turn on the local rock station. I feel awkward, having barfed my sexual exploits from last night all over this seeming stranger who’s now on more intimate terms with me than many people I’ve known for years.

Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

“I bet it’s pretty uncomfortable to talk about this shit with me,” he says. Apparently, in addition to being a kick-ass drummer and decent guitarist, Toombs is also a mind reader.

I smile as I pull into the crowded street.

“I won’t tell anyone,” he says.

“I know you won’t.”

“Some things aren’t meant for the light. Bondage, submission, slavery … most people don’t understand it.”

“Hell, I lived a small bit of it last night, and I still don’t understand,” I say, laughing.

“All you need to know is if it feels good, do it.”

“That’s a pretty simple rule.”

“It’s the golden fucking rule.” He watches the buildings pass through the window. “As long as nobody gets hurt—damaged—you’ll be fine.” Now he faces me. “And if someone ever does damage you, come and find me. I’ll take care of them.”


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  1. This scene, right here, is why I love Toombs. Subby but alpha, bruised but protective, honest but mysterious. Seriously, what you did here is just perfect. One of my favorite scenes ever. Right after the behind the bus scene, of course.

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